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Carpet Steam Cleaning London Carpet Steam Cleaners London

Carpet Steam Cleaning London

Carpets and rugs are highly sought for pieces of furniture for many reasons: low cost compared to other floor coatings, possibility for colour harmony with the interior, sensation of softness and warmth, ease of application on existing floors. But there are some problems along with the benefits: carpets collect dust and organic compounds that can ferment, producing unpleasant odors and development of allergens. Humidity also endangers carpets, causing formation of mould and digestion of the fiber. Regular deep cleaning and rigorous maintenance are necessary but difficult task, which if not done professionally is ineffective and sometimes harmful.

Cleaning Floor London offers extremely effective treatment of carpets and rugs, using professional techniques and products, and specialized equipment. Carpet steam cleaning is suitable for most types of rugs and carpets, mainly synthetic ones. The procedure is accomplished by using powerful machines, that clean the carpet thoroughly. Our experts use hot water extraction system that removes dirt from fibers by injecting detergent and water under pressure and quickly re-attracting all the grime and moist back in the machine.

We apply prime eco-friendly products, tailored by the leading companies on the market. There is no danger for your health, because the detergents are completely safe even to hypersensitive individuals as pregnant women, little children or allergic people. Professional carpet steam cleaning on a regular basis alternately will eliminate the population of dust mites and enhance the indoor conditions quality. During the procedure carpets shall be deodorized, so you would enjoy the pleasant fragrance in the room.

After request we could apply a carpet stain protector, commonly known as Scotchgard, which will keep the fabulous look and durability of the carpet for longer time.

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