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I am very impressed with the service provided! My floor is now shining and looks brand new!
Hannah C.

Quality of work was excellent. Very professional final result and workers.
Harriet B.

Thank you very much, the floor was cleaned and polished very well. We are definitely planning to use your company again in the nearest future.
Jullie M.

The cleaners did a great job! Thank you very much!
Mark R.

I have no issue with my experience with Cleaning Floor London. The cleaners were friendly, did a fantastic job and very fast, also. Thank you very much.
Caterina M.

The cleaners were polite and courteous and did a great job. The cleaning freshened up my marble floors and took out all the dirt.
Claire D.

When we moved in our new home all the floors were in deplorable condition. It was a shame because they are beautiful granite floors, but poorly maintained. We called for grinding and polishing and floors became magnificent. Thanks for the great result!
Diana J.

I tried to clean my floors by myself, but they were all scratched and dulled. After trying almost everything I called Floor Cleaning London and hired them for polishing service. They polished and sealed my floors and now they are shiny and look like new.
Simon R.

I'm a repeat customer, very happy with the services. I rely on Floor Cleaning London to maintain my marble floor in the living room and to steam clean the carpets in the bedrooms. I hire them every six months and the results are always perfect.
Adam M.

I've always wanted my floors to have a nice shine. I've red a tons of information about marble maintenance and I came to the idea to order a floor cleaning and polishing service. I'm amazed! I've never thought my floors could be so beautiful and shiny. Thanks a lot.
Roseanne N.

I ordered floor polishing just before my birthday party, because I wanted my home to look amazing. The whole night I was receiving compliments about how nice my flat looks. I was feeling so happy because I was able to impress all my guests.
Roberta P.

I have granite counter tops in the kitchen a bit damaged over the years. I wanted to restore them but I didn't know how. Then I started to look for a cleaning company that copes with worktops, but the answer was always "we don't do that". Finally I came across Floor Cleaning London and they did my worktops polishing. Thanks to them my kitchen is a dream.
Vanessa B.

I know that floor polishing is hard job, but Floor Cleaning London make it looks like a child's play. They are organized professionals and really know what are they doing. They worked fast, making my flooring bright and attractive. Worth every penny!
John S.